Action camera purchase strategy

October 21, 2022

This article will first introduce how to choose an action camera. You can refer to the following precautions and consider the use before choosing.


1. Select the picture quality, frame number and viewing angle according to your needs

Before buying an action camera, you can think about what scene you will be shooting in or decide what subject matter you want to shoot, and choose the corresponding clarity and perspective to capture the scene you want.


(1) If you value image quality, choose a camera that supports 4K!

4K is now becoming the mainstream resolution for action cameras. Of course, the higher the pixel quality, the higher the price of the camera itself, so it's important to choose based on how you'll use the video after you shoot it. If the video you shoot does not need to be edited and uploaded, and you can watch it yourself, full HD is enough.


(2) For action-heavy photography, choose a high frame rate camera!

If you want to shoot video with intense motion, it is recommended to choose a camera with a high frame rate. The number of frames (FPS) refers to the number of pictures recorded per second. The higher the number, the smoother the effect will be.

If there is 24-30FPS, then the daily record is enough. However, if you want to attach it to a surfboard or bike for shooting, a high frame rate model that supports 60FPS is recommended. Especially in the case of 4K image quality, if there is no smooth transition, then the high-quality video will appear to be stuck, so high-pixel image quality also needs to correspond to a high number of frames to play its best role.


(3) The wide viewing angle is shocking, and the small viewing angle can avoid screen deformation

The style and scope of shooting video are determined by the viewing angle. Generally speaking, the human eye has a viewing angle of nearly 200 degrees. Previous action cameras had a viewing angle of about 130 to 150 degrees, and with technological breakthroughs, products with an ultra-wide viewing angle of more than 200 degrees were launched.

The ultra-wide angle can give people a sense of shock, but too much will also cause the possibility of picture distortion. So if you want to avoid this from happening, you might as well choose an action camera with a small viewing angle; on the contrary, an ultra-wide-angle action camera is recommended for an immersive sense of shock. In addition, some cameras can adjust the viewing angle, and there are more choices. You can find out if you need it.


2. Select functions according to the shooting scene.

Select the function according to your use of the action camera, such as using the camera for a long time during travel, or using the camera in the sea or swimming pool. Each situation requires corresponding functions, and you can choose according to your most basic needs.

(1) If you use the camera in a scene with severe vibration, the camera needs to have an anti-shake function!

Camera image stabilization generally includes optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization. If you want to minimize the hand shake, it is recommended to use an optical image stabilization camera; an electronic image stabilization camera can resist slight vibrations; so if you want to shoot smooth and high-quality video, it is recommended to use an optical image stabilization camera. At the same time, it should be understood that optical image stabilization models can shoot beautiful images without afterimages, but due to the complex structure, the size of the camera body tends to be larger, and the cost will also be higher.


(2) Sea sports and outdoor shooting must have waterproof and dustproof functions

When shooting near water, choose a camera that is waterproof. If you are shooting at the beach or other places, you can choose a camera with a water depth of less than 3 meters, so you don’t have to worry about being submerged in water; if you are shooting underwater such as diving, please choose a 10-60 meter waterproof camera according to the depth of your hiding. Also, for cyclocross and motocross photography on mountain roads, it can accumulate dust and need to buy a model with high dust resistance.


(3) If you use it on a trip, be aware of the battery life!

Before purchasing, confirm how long you can shoot after a single charge, and try to avoid the situation where the camera runs out of power halfway through the trip. It is also a good idea to prepare a spare battery after knowing the capacity and continuous usage time of the battery. Plus, it's handy in an emergency if you opt for a USB charging model that charges via a power bank.


3.Choose a size and weight that is easy to carry!

When choosing an action camera, you should also pay attention to the size and weight. If possible, it is recommended to choose a small and lightweight one. Like what's known as a body-worn camera, action cameras can be worn on a helmet or clothing to shoot. If it is too heavy and too large, it can be difficult to install, especially for those who shoot for a long time.


4. Choose more accessories, and the bike is easier to install!

If the action camera comes with a wealth of accessories, it is easier to respond to various scenes, so it is highly recommended. For example, when riding a bicycle, it can be mounted not only on the helmet, but also on the handlebars. Depending on the shooting position, the sense of presence will vary.


5. Compatible with Wi-Fi Bluetooth function.

If you share videos frequently, an action camera with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is recommended. By connecting with a mobile phone or tablet and uploading it to a social APP immediately, you can easily interact with friends and relatives. Some even have their own live broadcast function. Those who have this need can consider starting this style.


6. With monitor to instantly view video while shooting

Models with a display screen are ideal if you want to view your captured video footage in real time. Although the size will increase due to the display, you can view and view the video you have shot while shooting. Many action cameras don't have a display screen and it doesn't seem necessary since you can't even see the display when shooting changing motion, but it's also great for those who want to record vlog videos and landscapes necessary.


Action cameras preserve the moments you see instantly, making them ideal for sports and events. If it is a video full of presence, when you watch it later, the excitement and emotion of the day will be truly restored. If you are new to the pit, you might as well use your favorite action camera to record the best moments!

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